Our Mission

The mission of Mountain Melodies is to promote evidence-based treatment through client-centered music therapy by focusing on all aspects of a person’s well-being.

A person’s health is multifaceted. Physical, spiritual, occupational, mental, and social health all play an integral part in an individual’s overall well-being. At Mountain Melodies Music Therapy Services, we recognize that individuals are holistic in nature. Focusing on only one aspect of a person’s health is detrimental, so at Mountain Melodies we acknowledge and care for people in their entirety.

Our Vision

The vision of Mountain Melodies is to set a new standard in holistic health care that incorporates all meaningful aspects of a person’s life through an integrative practice model and collaborative interprofessional team.

Mountain Melodies Music Therapy’s overarching goal is to one day provide collaborative therapy services through an interprofessional team. An interprofessional model incorporates multiple different disciplines all approaching goals using each professional’s scope of practice. This model provides each individual’s expertise and allows them to work as a team in areas in which scopes of practice overlap. Mountain Melodies strive to one day be a leader in this treatment model.

Our Values

We at Mountain Melodies…

  • Pursue all our goals with persistence and determination
  • Strive to continue to learn and grow
  • Treat all individuals with respect and empathy
  • Approach all situations with innovation and creativity
  • Communicate with integrity and honesty
  • Advocate for more accessibility in our community

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