About Pamela Potzer

Pamela Potzer, MT-BC is the owner and founder of Mountain Melodies Music Therapy Services.

Pamela graduated Colorado State University with her Bachelors of Music with a Concentration in Music Therapy August of 2021. She earned her music therapy board certification November of 2021. Six days later she started Mountain Melodies Music Therapy Services.

Pamela first became interested in the profession of music therapy when she was 15 during the summer of 2012 at Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp. While volunteering, she met a number of incredible stroke survivors, caregivers, and various health care professionals. One of those professionals was Nancy Bell, a board-certified music therapist. Pamela watched in awe as Nancy brought the group together through drumming, song writing, and facilitated group discussions surrounding songs that reflected each individual’s experience with stroke. One of the most impactful moments for Pamela was watching Nancy interact with a man that could only say the words “yes” and “no” due to his aphasia. Through the incredible interaction music has with neural connections, this man sang every word to the song Nancy was playing with him. That moment made Pamela wonder at what music could do in a therapeutic setting, and ever since then, she had her sights set on becoming a music therapist.

Pamela continued volunteering with Stroke Camp throughout college. To this day she is thankful to the many health professionals, caregivers, and especially stroke survivors that mentored her as she grew into a professional music therapist.

Pamela leadings the group in a campfire sing along
Pamela leading group singing as a music therapy student

Ropes course at the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

While attending Colorado State’s music therapy program, Pamela volunteered her time to numerous extracurricular activities. Aside from being an officer in multiple student associations, Pamela’s interest in outdoor recreation drew her to various adaptive programs in Colorado. Pamela found herself spending a few weeks as a student volunteer at the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center working with individuals who experienced a traumatic brain injury, and at Adam’s Camp working with children with Autism. These programs utilized adaptive outdoor recreation to serve multiple individuals ranging from cognitive, physical, and emotional disabilities. Pamela loved to see how outdoor recreation could be adapted so that outdoor recreation could be accessible to all individuals.

Pamela working as a raft guide on the Arkansas river

After seeing the therapeutic benefits of outdoor recreation, Pamela decided to work as a professional river guide the summer of 2018. Since the Cache La Poudre river was only 10 minutes away from her university, Pamela had no hesitations when she signed up for guide school at Rocky Mountain Adventures. In the years to come, Pamela would earn her Swiftwater Rescue certification, her Wilderness First Responder certification, and would come to work in a leadership capacity during her employment as a river guide. After working three years on the Cache La Poudre river, Pamela expanded her expertise by working on the Bighorn Sheep’s Canyon and Royal Gorge with Echo Canyon River Expeditions.

Pamela’s interest in adaptive outdoor recreation lead her to accept a position as an adaptive ski instructor and program coordinator with the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, CO. Pamela had the privilege of teaching students who had various cognitive, social, emotional, and physical disabilities. While working with the NSCD, Pamela learned how to instruct people in sit skis, skiing with one leg, and ways to break down the components of skiing in ways that helped students understand the concepts of skiing. Pamela even found ways to help some of her students that were children to be motivated and excited to ski so that they could enjoy the sport with their families.

In addition to learning skills on the job, Pamela recieved multiple scholarships to earn her Adaptive Level 1 ski instructor certification through the Professional Ski Instructors of America. Through on hill training and at home study, Pamela passed her functional ski exam and her Cognitive/Visual Impairment module with Level 2 scores. This certification recognizes Pamela’s expert ability to teach ski students with visual impairments and cognitive disabilities. Pamela hopes to utilize her skills as an adaptive ski instructor as a music therapist by helping her clients that have an interest in skiing reach their goals.

Enjoying the highest point of Winter Park Resort with a student living with Duchenne’s syndrome
Pamela teaching a student who uses a wheelchair

Throughout her life, Pamela’s passion for music, her passion for the beauty and thrill of outdoor recreation, and her passion for authentic relationships with diverse individuals has guided her steps throughout her professional journey. Pamela hopes that as her therapeutic practice grows she can provide more resources to individuals to not only receive quality therapeutic services, but also be empowered to try new experiences in the beautiful state of Colorado that she has always called home.

“I envision a practice where every activity is accessible to all and innovation is used to push therapeutic boundaries.”

-Pamela Potzer, MT-BC